Educational Outreach

Inspire, inform, and involve the astronauts of tomorrow, today.

A pillar of 100YSS is the promotion of educational excellence. Specifically, we promote STEM literacy (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning) and knowledge through public outreach, curriculum development, teacher training and development, skill certification in disciplines vital to sustain the scientific, technological, social and cultural progress required to succeed.

Our educational programs include universities, K-12, and public programming. Lecturers for university and other programming may be available. Look for announcements of collaborative projects and competitions across grade levels.

TEWS Space Race

Students and teachers discover a universe of exploration from the sky near the Earth to the cosmos and the farthest stars!

TEWS-Space Race promotes science education capacities in middle schools in partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District, Compton Independent School District and surrounding areas. The program uses a unique experiential curriculum to build critical thinking skills and science literacy in students and trains teachers in this method. Based on The Earth We Share (TEWS), space exploration forms the basis for learning—from life sciences to physics—as students solve problems such as “Design a mission to the sun,” “Design a space-based remote sensing system to improve health in the least developed countries on Earth,” and “What are we going to do for food on the way to Alpha Centauri?”

100 Year Starship True Books

100YSS is developing a series of children’s resource books with Scholastic, Inc. Using the 100 Year Starship mission, to make human interstellar flight a reality, books published in this series are a source of reliable, clearly presented, engaging, and cutting edge information for elementary students on a broad range of topics. From the sciences of our sun to life sciences and social impact of exploration, the series will bring the knowledge of highly regarded experts to students around the world. Look for the first four releases this spring.

ES:GC2 imageSolar System Book