The Way Institute

Before we can reach another solar system, we first have to know the way.

The Way Institute is dedicated to identify, support, invest in, develop and advance the knowledge base required for successful human interstellar travel. Fundamentally a research and development organization, The Way will focus upon and explore the “bleeding edge” physical, life and social sciences, engineering and technologies, economics, art, culture and systems capabilities needed for missions beyond our solar system. We push for radical leaps forward in technological advancement wherever possible, rather than always merely seeking incremental technology improvement.

As part of the non-profit 100 Year Starship Foundation, The Way Institute will accomplish its activities through full and part time staff, fellows and volunteers.

The Way will:

  • Foster, coordinate, initiate, and seed the required research, development, and innovation necessary to achieve the successful human interstellar travel.
  • Push the research and technology necessary to translate 100YSS discoveries and innovations (technological, medical, scientific and sociological) into tangible benefits that enhance quality of life here on Earth.
  • Actively apply learnings and capabilities from space exploration to enhance the quality of life today.
  • Begin as a virtual institute with researchers and management leveraging facilities existing at partner and affiliates locations.
  • Focus on engaging outstanding subject matter experts specializing in the fields required to make interstellar exploration a reality.
  • Integrate a trans-disciplinary research philosophy and systems approach across various fields, such as social sciences, fundamental science and applied science and engineering disciplines.
  • Identify, assess, maintain database and follow the capacities needed for interstellar travel.
  • Hold forums, workshops and technical symposia.

*Images courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech

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