The People’s Interstellar Meet-Up to Premiere in the Cradle of Humanity

HOUSTON/NAIROBI –  100 Year Starship® (100YSS®) hosts Nexus Nairobi 2024 — the hybrid space gathering designed for people from all walks of life — in Nairobi, Kenya during March 2024 at the Trademark Hotel.

100YSS is the independent, inclusive, long-term global initiative established 11 years ago and led by former astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison to ensure the capabilities—technical, social and economic—for enabling human travel beyond our solar system exist within the next 100 years. And, every step of the way, ensure the innovations and ideas from space exploration improve life here on Earth for everyone.

Themed, “When Space, Purpose, and Culture Collide,” Nexus 2024 is a powerful, interactive, five-day event open to the public. Attendees, both in-person and online, actively engage with speakers, experts and special guests – across in an array of fields –in workshops and challenges, classes, receptions, keynotes, panels, networking, Thought Pools, celebrations and awards.

Nexus 2024 is the evolution of public symposiums hosted previously by 100YSS. Nexus creates experiences and transdisciplinary activities that stretch attendees’ imaginations. While considering today’s cutting-edge technologies and future possibilities, attendees will be challenged to discuss and take action on thought-provoking frontiers of civilization, science, culture, space, technology, society, education, sustainability and purpose both now and in the future.

“Via Nexus, everyone can be at the confluence of science and culture, collaboratively sparking this grand evolution to expand beyond this beautiful planet we call home, while also nurturing our Earth home where the vast majority of us will live for untold generations to come,” said Dr. Jemison. “100 Year Starship is transforming the approach to space exploration so all people may claim their place at the table and experience, re-imagine, learn, celebrate and discuss the future of space and its immediate impacts on the world today.”

With its bold declaration, “Space. Radical. Vital. Down to Earth.,” Nexus invites everyone – artists and engineers, physicians and philosophers, rocket scientists and lawyers, financiers and storytellers, space enthusiasts and professionals, dancers and educators, young and old – to share and apply their unique experiences, skills, and passions to commit to pursuing an extraordinary tomorrow, while building a better world today, both on Earth and in space.

According to Jemison, “Nexus is for anyone who wants to get their ‘geek’ on — or their ‘art and music,’ ‘philosophical debate’ or ‘R&D’ on! Nexus is where people can collaborate, create, network, build community, do and commit to their role in humanity’s future on and beyond the Earth.”

To register for Nexus Nairobi, visit www.NexusNairobi.org.